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What We Do

We have lots of resources here and on the Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC) website to help you understand what we do at our meetings and how we can help you become a better speaker.

What to Expect when Attending a Speakers Club

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What can a speech do?

A speech can entertain, deliver a message and convince people of your opinion. Using gestures, changing the tone of your voice and including humour are just some of the techniques you can use to bring your speech to life and make it unique and memorable.

What you’ll learn with us

Within our clubs you’ll begin aiming for your Foundation Certificate of Achievement covering the basic skills of public speaking. After this you’ll move onto the Certificate of Achievement cementing your foundational skills and building your public speaking skills to new heights. The “Showpiece” will be a demonstration of everything you learn throughout all nine sections and will show the world you know how to give a public speech to remember!

Foundation Certificate of AcheivementCertificate of Achievement
F1 – Starting your JourneyA1 – Vocabulary and Word Pictures
F2 – Constructing a SpeechA2 – Storytelling and Narrative
F3 – Speaking with ConvictionA3 – Using Humour
F4 – Using Gestures and Body LanguageA4 – Developing Audience Rapport
F5 – Using your voiceA5 – The “Showpiece”

To learn more about each of these sections navigate to the “Foundation Certificate of Achievement” or the “ASC Certificate of Achievement” in the ASC Speakers Guide.

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Getting good at impromptu speaking

Standing up and speaking for 5 minutes with no preparation may be the stuff of nightmares for some people but at our speakers clubs we aim to settle the butterflies and channel that nervous energy into a fantastic impromptu speech. At each session you will be given a random topic by our topics chair and you will need to try and create a speech, with a beginning, middle and end. This may sound impossible but with our expert guidance you’ll be able to speak about anything to anyone in any situation. For more information check out the “Topics and Impromptu Speaking” section of the ASC Speakers Guide.

TED’s Secret to Great Pulic Speaking

External Links

Find out more about how our clubs can help you by visiting our association website with the links below. When you join as a member of the ASC you will be provided with the Speaker’s Guide, but we have a link to a digital copy for your convenience.

Interested in finding out more? Find your local club under our clubs and follow them on social media or send an email.

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