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East Anglia Committee

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— Updated 28th June 2023

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East Anglia Speakers Clubs are a collection of local clubs affiliated with the Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC) and we aim to help improve everybody’s public speaking skills, presentation skills and leadership skills.

To teach you these skills, we use a number of assignments set by the ASC and give you the opportunity to practise impromptu speaking which is to present a speech with no preparation at all. Although this might sound scary at first, we want to help you to overcome your fear of public speaking (glossophobia) with our years of experience and supportive environment. To find out more, visit out what we do page.

Come and find out more about who helps run and manage your local public speaking clubs, and see what we’ve got coming up in the area and nationally.

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The East Anglia Committee

Kevin Northcott
Area President

Area Secretary

Wayne Robinson
Area Treasurer

Keith Dickerson
Area Education Director

Lisa McNulty and Harry Larkins
Joint Area Development Managers

Find out more about our committee roles in the ASC Speakers Guide

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