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Felixstowe Speakers Club – March 2023 Update

Hello and welcome to the latest update from Felixstowe Speakers Club.

At our September meeting we started our new educational year with a brand-new agenda. In addition to our normal speaking education, we will also be learning leadership skills. For our March meeting we focussed on word pictures combined with storytelling. For our April meeting we will be running our AGM meeting alongside an education session on humour and in May we will be having an education session on leadership and how the Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC) can help you become a better leader.To find out what we will be covering in future sessions, take a look at our programme for 2022-23.

At the time of writing we have just had out March meeting. We started the meeting off with a warm up asking the question: “What are you looking forward to most this summer?” We had some wonderful examples of what people are looking forward to this summer including, not having to wear as many clothes, holidays in Europe and Scotland and a simple pleasure of visiting a rare white herd of cows at the Fromus Reserve.

After the warm up we had the education session focussing on vocabulary and word pictures. Keith used a number of images to help us learn this new skill. One of the images was a sunset over Felixstowe beach. It was described as fire, a fiery sandwich, and embers blowing in the wind. To cement this knowledge further we were each asked to take 10 minutes to create a speech trying to incorporate as many word picture techniques as possible. The first speech took us to Rome where we witnessed long sun beam arms embracing the colosseum. Next, we travelled to a Spanish beach where we heard the waves CRASHING against the cliffs. Then we were in France at the greengrocers and we experienced a myriad of technicolour of fruit. Finally, we were given a glimpse of heaven in the mountains and wilderness of Scotland.

The final part of the evening was impromptu speaking. The question for everyone this evening was: “Tell me a journey from your life.” First up we had a very creative speech about living on a far away ringworld planet. Next, we had a life journey where our speaker went through the apprehension and excitement of buying a house at auction. Then, we had another speech about a house purchase and how painting the walls made it feel like home, even though the painting felt like it took forever! Finally, we had a journey about mis-sold PPI. They were unsure at the time whether it would be worth it, but in the end the small amount of time required, paid off.

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