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East Anglia Area Competition 2023

Hello and welcome to a special update from East Anglia Speakers Clubs! In February we held the East Area Speakers Competition in Felixstowe. This brought together members from all six clubs in the area. Three competitions took place this evening. The first was to find the best evaluator in the area. The second was to find the best impropmtu speaker and the last was to find the best prepared speaker.

Entrants of the evaluation competition listen to a target speech and then each one delivers their evaluation for the judges to work out a winner. This time the target speech was entitled “We Failed” and it was a warning to take action on the environment. The winner of this competition was Kevin from Sudbury Speakers Club and in second place, Bernice from Colchester Speakers Club.

The impromptu speaking competition asked all entrants the same question/topic. Then each entrant presents their speech (with around 20 seconds of preparation in their head) while the other entrants wait patiently outside. The topic this year was: “The greatest Briton of all time is…?” Congratulations to the winner Andrew from Felixstowe Speakers Clubs and Chris from Adastral Park Speakers Club who came in second place.

The prepared speech competition simply allows those who have entered to present a speech to the best of their ability and the judges will determine whose speech was the best against the marking criteria. Our first speech from Keith was called “The Scottish Question” which focussed in on Scottish independence, culture and energy. Up next was Kam with “100 days to change your life”. An inspiring speech documenting the journey of achieving his dream of becoming a motivational speaker in 100 days. Up next was Wayne who ironically prepared a speech entitled “How not to win a speech contest.” Humour featured heavily in his speech and as a result he had the whole room laughing! Our final speech was from Vicky and her speech was called “My inflammatory story”. This was another inspirational story about how she dealt with a disease. A change in mindset helped her to move towards the road of recovery with words I think we can all learn from: “focus on what can be controlled and not what can’t”. Our winner from this competition Wayne from Sudbury Speakers Club and in second place was Kam from Ipswich Speakers Club.

A big congratulations to all our winners and good luck at the regionals!

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