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Felixstowe Speakers Club – December 2022 Update

Hello and welcome to the latest update from Felixstowe Speakers Club.

At our September meeting we started our new educational year with a brand-new agenda. In addition to our normal speaking education, we will also be learning leadership skills. For our December meeting we had our annual Christmas Dinner followed by a variety of games and activities. In January we will be focussing on Using your Voice to enhance your speech and in February we will be hosting the East Anglia area competitions. To find out what we will be covering in future sessions, take a look at our programme for 2022-23.

The first part of the meeting was slightly different to our normal proceedings. Being Christmas, we came together early and shared a Christmas meal. After this we reconvened in normal meeting room and one of our previous members gave us a speech about how speakers club helped him to become very successful in life.

The second part of the evening consisted of two speeches. The first was called “Red for Danger” and the colour red was used to show how our speaker gradually got more and more embarrassed whilst being a coach driver for the Newmarket races. At the end of the story, he received a kiss from a lady in red which turned him scarlet! Our second speech was sadly about a broken wrist as a result of ice. The hospital staff were caring and patient. The day ended with a laugh though when a man walked in… smartly dressed… in handcuffs!

The final part of our evening was entitled “Where did you get that hat?” and contestants were asked to present and tell a story around a hat they had brought. The audience were then asked whether the story was true or false and the speaker would be given points on how well they deceived the audience. We had speeches about baseball hats, a John Lewis hat in a hat box, a captains hat, a fez and a cowboy hat. Some of these speeches were very believable and the audience were tricked on more than one occasion throughout the night.

Follow us on our socials to never miss an update. If you would like to know more about our club feel free to reach out to us via our contact form which you can find at the bottom of our club page or to reach out to other clubs in the area, go to our clubs and find your local club.

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