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Felixstowe Speakers Club – September 2022 Update

Hello and welcome to the latest update from Felixstowe Speakers Club. Once again we had a very enjoyable meeting filled with laughs and entertainment. Plus this month we had two guests join our meetings for the first time and I think they enjoyed themselves enough to come back next time!

This month we started out new educational year with a brand new agenda. In addition to our normal speaking education, we will also be learning leadership skills. For this meeting we focussed on how to plan a speech. In October there will be a focus on chairmanship and running a meeting and in November there will be a focus on providing evaluations and gestures and body language while performing a speech. To find out what we will be covering in future sessions, take a look at our programme for 2022-23.

The first part of the meeting consisted of our traditional warm-up section and the topic for this month was: “Significant events from the summer and how they made you feel”. Many emotions were shared including empathy for the royal family, pride for a son getting into university and gratification for achieving an educational milestone in life.  

Next our education session taught us how to form a speech using a mind map. After 10 minutes of preparation, each member was able to present a 5-minute speech. Once again, a wide variety of emotions were presented including grief and being with a loved one at a time of passing and empathy for the royal family at this difficult time.  

The final part of the evening consisted of our topic’s session. We had four topics in total covering the death of the Queen, a point of view from 2050 where the roads will be quieter and cars simpler since they will all be electric, how pre-16 education is not preparing our young for the working world and our final speech of the night was about how one of our members was a backing instrumentalist for a band over the summer.  

Follow us on our socials to never miss an update. If you would like to know more about our club feel free to reach out to us via our contact form which you can find at the bottom of our club page or to reach out to other clubs in the area go to our clubs and find your local club.

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