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Felixstowe Speakers Club – July 2022 Update

Hello and welcome to the latest update from Felixstowe Speakers Club. Once again we had a very enjoyable meeting filled with laughs and entertainment, plus this month we had two of our members present their showpiece speeches and another member practise his wedding speech!

During part 1 of the meeting we had our traditional warm-up section and the topic for this month was: “How are you dealing with the heat?” We had a wide range of solutions from a gazebo in the garden, going to the office and taking advantage of the air conditioning and one who simply loved the heat and was not bothered in the slightest.  

For part 2, we had an education session guiding us on how to create a showpiece speech. A bit smaller this month since we had so much to get through. We were given examples of famous speakers such as Barrack Obama who used the pace at which he spoke to build rhythm and sell his cause. We were also given a construct used by TED Talks. A simple but powerful method where you take what is in your mind and rebuild it in the listeners. Not easy, but with practise another very useful technique.

The final part of the evening consisted of the three speeches. The first of our showpiece speeches was called “The Power of 5” where a high 5 a day proved to be just the ticket to a great day! Next, we had “A to C” which described the story of the nuclear power stations on the Suffolk coast. Unfortunately, both speakers narrowly missed passing their showpiece assignment but I have no doubt you pass with flying colours next time! Finally, the wedding speech was a beautiful journey of memories from the groom quite simply detailing the love he has for his future wife.  

Our next update will be in September, after our summer break but feel free to reach out to us via socials and email which you can find for each club under the our clubs section on our website.

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